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Society, Systems, and Markets are complex. You cannot prepare for that you do not know. However, you/your team can be ready. Ready to see upsides where others see barriers. Ready to adapt where others remain frozen. Ready to make this unexpected, and perhaps undesired change, work for you/your organisation. This people-centred approach is a simple yet elegant, fundamental shift in perception called Role Dissociation. It is the antithesis of, and antidote for the entrenched, inflexible, and the unresponsive.

Courses and Training available for Individuals & Organisations. Home or Away.

There is a new buzz in the air. It is called Anti-Fragile. As the name suggests it means the opposite to fragile. It does not mean strong or unbreakable. It means swiftly adaptable and thriving on unexpected change: Being Beyond Resilient. To do this your preferred sense of self and contentment needs to unattached enough to what you do, have, or think you are. This is something you need to learn. Because being too attached to what you have, do, or how others see you, is holding you back.

Change is hard. Change threatens a sense of security. Especially imposed, or unavoidable change.

Unlock the capacity for change-readiness in you/your people and benefit from a fast-paced changing environment. It is known as being Anti-Fragile. You achieve this by being Role-Dissociated (enough). I will teach you how to do this for yourself and how to teach others to achieve the same.


Fearless Individuals. Key players. Leaders. Transformation Consultants. Change Managers. Coaches. Trainers. Entrepreneurs.

Change quicker than others;
Remain calm and collected in times of chaos;
Have the capacity to see new opportunity where others are stuck in their emotional drift;
Create relationships that improve you and the others;
Interrogate reality and see how the stories you tell yourself solidify your boundaries.
Create and implement sustainable structures and systems that work in your life and business.

Seriously lacking belief systems, mumbo jumbo, and coach-talk, we take you on a straight talking experience where you shake off fragile habits, mindsets, and behaviours. This is not an easy ride, we know. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. For more information how this may work in practice for you or your group, connect below:


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