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“People who are bred, selected, and compensated to find complicated solutions do not have an incentive to implement simplified ones.” *(Nicholas Taleb)

Role-Dissociation | Transform your roles |Benefit from the unexpected.

Society, Systems, and Markets are complex. You cannot prepare for that you do not know. However, you/your team can be ready. Ready to see upsides where others see barriers. Ready to adapt where others remain frozen. Ready to make this unexpected, and perhaps undesired change, work for you/your organisation. This people-centred approach is a simple yet elegant, fundamental shift in perception called Role Dissociation. It is the antithesis of, and antidote for the entrenched, inflexible, and the unresponsive.

People need to be ready to create results. Unpredictability and Complexity demand the Elegant Simplicity of Individual Critical Thinking. Like the wise Aikido Sensei, a person needs to work with whatever forces one is subjected to. Absorb, Redirect, and Control. Always question your Business As Usual. BAU on the level of the individual needs to be open for another way, allow a new point of view, test small perceived improvements. Innovative Structures and Fast-Changing Circumstances require people who work together by skills, know-how, and adaptability. What kills Complex Design is Ego, Entitlement, and (BAU) Defensiveness. What makes complex design work is the simplistic application of “ready-for-unexpected-change-people.” Do you dare to free your- team/self?

Change Consultancy: 3/6 hour team engagement touching on 3 critical thinking processes. I deliver the below:

1. Role-Dissociation: The application of Anti-Fragile principles to everyday interactions.

2. Working with Cognitive Dissonance: Making space for alternative solutions.

3. Instant Testing: Interrogate Reality.

|1| In the Role Dissociation process we explore Nicholas Taleb’s ideas about AntiFragility (where fragility is defined as sensitivity to disorder and anti-fragility results in more benefit than harm from stressors and volatility) and how the concepts of innovative tinkering and optionality in systems applies to a person’s functionality. I will present a model each attendee can use to have better results from everyday interactions. Individuals and organisations experience a subtle shift in self-perception that results in practical frameworks that benefit from changing environments. To excel in Marginal Gains, a person must be able to leave their role in the process free to tinker and test, without fear of title, position, and perceived status. This is not easy but it is simple.

|2| In the Working with Cognitive Dissonance process we explore how human’s greatest capacity for innovation is simultaneously the cause for change-blindness. I will show how role-dissociation positively influences a person’s capacity for seeing opportunity and introduce a swift mental heuristic to make space for new views, ideas, and perspectives. Group outcomes improve as the individual benefits from this user-friendly tool that quickly opens the mind to new perspectives.

|3| Where the cognitive dissonance mechanism is reactive, the Reality Interrogation process is pro-actively introducing new ideas. I will show how the notion of marginal gains and minimal value propositions applies to ideas, challenges, and goal-setting. This material works with anthropological human learning models that fluidise fixed mindsets. This cycle of reality interrogation supercharges meetings and creates a platform for innovation and collaboration.

BNE Consulting

Natural Anti-Fragile Leadership | One & Two Day Programmes (In-House or External Retreat Setting).

Sometimes to change things for others you must choose something for yourself first. A Leadership Programme focussing on how you function best in a complex, fast-changing world.

The Anti-Fragile Change Leadership Programme frees you from the consequences of your beliefs, assumptions, and points of view. It does so by achieving a shift in perception of self, and how to relate to the work and life roles you assume. This subtle change of perspective is what allows you to be detached enough from what you do to react swiftly, decisively, and without hang-ups, to the forever faster-changing world.

We do not teach you tricks or tools. Every person is unique, and to define something as personal as this by instruction or method is impossible. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either ignorant or a liar. Therefore the only way is to define it is via ‘what it is not’. Because this is definable and you can apply anthropological principles of human development and learning to how you function in your work and life roles.

In the end, you are able to change how you are in your roles without hang-ups. This means you can correct non-functioning or underperforming aspects. Altogether it is a liberating, yet challenging experience and requires courage and perseverance.

The major upside, aside from the uplift in general well-being, is a person’s capacity for change. Once relating to your roles naturally, there are no more belief systems sabotaging new opportunities and solutions. “Freedom from the blinkers of one’s roles” a former client put it. The Natural Anti-Fragile Self is less attached to the role’s perception, allowing the new and previously unseen to come into vision. (Explore the change blindness and inattentional blindness phenomenon to understand this better.)

A side effect worth enjoying! Roles are subject to change, and being too identified with them means change is stressful, and sometimes even painful. Relating to roles in an anti-fragile way frees a person from the tyranny of the role’s stories. Resilience is the wrong word here, it is beyond resilient; a domain where change adaptability enhances the organisation of life and work, to a point where a certain level of stressors (change) is beneficial to the individual. That’s right, benefiting, if not thriving, on change. Certainly once offset against the role identified perspectives. This is true Anti-Fragility.

Undoubtedly the hard work is clearing the murky waters of self-perception in the first half of your adventure retreat. Once your Anti-Fragile Natural Self Perspective is clear(er) the journey of reinvention and redesigning your life/work roles, and work/business processes begin. This process is a facilitated journey where a person finds their own way, without ‘expert opinion’ interference. Forget spending huge dollar/pound/euro on consultants, any behavioural expertise is drawn from your own change intelligence, naturally adapted to the requirements of the relating context. Repeatable and teachable, the knock on effect snowballs through everything and anyone that is part of the ongoing journey after you leave

The Leadership experience starts with either a One to One or a Small Group (up to 8 people) day experience. There are two modules, best delivered in a one per day format, however, individual clients could opt for the one-day fast track. After completion, a personalised aftercare programme starts, typically progressing from weekly coaching to fortnightly, monthly, quarterly format.

Day Time Scale: 10.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 1800+

Modules:  1: The Natural Self Leadership. 2: AntiFragility & Change Readiness.

Lead Facilitation: Bartholomeus Nicolaas Engelbertus &/or Associates.

Location: Leadership Experiences – Anywhere | Cornwall | In-House Tuition

Price: Organisations: Day Rate + Costs

For more information please connect via the form below.




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