The UPside of downSIDE.

It is paramount to express your true self in life and find meaning and purpose in every moment, everything you do, by just being you. When you have a strong sense of self, you live in the knowledge that nothing external can ultimately affect your potential for contentment. You are free to get the most out of the roles you take on in life. Imagine how you can flex with life’s uncertainties when there is no need for your roles to remain the same.

Everything that ‘you are not’ breaks. Only truth survives. Change is kind to truth and destroys pretence. The person who you have always been and are now, without labels, is the one who survives life’s dramas. You are surviving this too. Sure it hurts like hell, this ain’t a sunny meadow stroll. You are stronger than you think. You are strong because you want to make things better. Now you can look at yourself in an open and honest way. You are willing to be the best version of you, each and every new day. That willingness is strength. I salute you, you brave, brave, soul.

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