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Unlock your Answers | Opportunities | Solutions.

Experts exist for products, not for people. If you think you need someone to tell you how to ‘do’ or ‘run’ your business, go and find an ‘expert’. I believe you are the expert, who needs a little help to find your answers, opportunities, and solutions. The way they work for you, your business, and your future. My product facilitates you to navigate know-how and unconscious know-how, providing you with clarity where before you were stuck. I am an expert on this product. You are an expert in yours.

“People who are bred, selected, and compensated to find complicated solutions do not have an incentive to implement simplified ones.” *(Nicholas Taleb – AUTHOR OF ANTI-FRAGILE)

The coaching starts with a description of a goal, problem, or issue. Without judgement or opinion, I will facilitate you through your boundaries that have, so far, kept your opinion, perception, or stuck-ness in play. I achieve this through content & context-free- questions, at times recursive, that help you break through previously held beliefs. It sounds easy, and in essence, it is simplistic, but by no means is it a comfortable journey. Do not hire me if all you want is being told how to do your job. Hire me to find answers, opportunities, and solutions. Your are the expert in your business.

If a product needs improvement, hire an expert. If your expertise needs improvement, hire my coaching. Fortnightly or monthly one-to-one 1-2 hour sessions. POA.

If your team needs to improve on its change-readiness go to Role Dissociation.

Seriously lacking belief systems, mumbo jumbo, and coach-talk, I will take you on a straight talking experience where you shake off fragile habits, mindsets, and behaviours. For more information how this may work in practice for you or your group, connect below:


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