About Bartholomeus Nicolaas Engelbertus | BNE.

Bartholomeus Nicolaas Engelbertus: Author, Change Ninja, Antifragilist: Never pay for complexity when all you need is results.

Dutch Leadership coach Bartholomeus N.E. graduated from the Haarlem Business School in the late nineties and initially embarked on a Business Consultancy career until a near-death surfing accident sparked his interest in the psychology of the self-perception. Driven by his understanding from that drowning experience he studied a broad range of personal development techniques. He became a Master NLP Practitioner specialising in the application of Clean Language in Neuro Linguistic Programming. In this specialised field, clients own their answers and learn how to make the most of their natural skills. He created an elegant, yet simple means to making you/your team do much better with (unexpected) change. He believes no system or business architecture copes with the pace of today’s change if the key people in the organisation are not capable of dealing with unexpected change.

Over the years, his work has taken him from Europe to Australia, Canada, Mexico, the United States, and Great Britain. His wide variety of clientele contributed to the constantly evolving processes of role dissociation techniques he calls the Natural Self System. In his free time, he is an avid surfer and second dan black belt Bujutsu martial artist.

Front Page Saturday Times Travel
Front Page Saturday Times Travel

Books by Bartholomeus:978-0-9571418-1-0 Cover

Break-Upsides –

Feel-better-quick-fixes for the Emotional Aftermath. OUT NOW.

Waves of Change – How to Unleash The woc2ndeditioncoverPower of The Natural Self

Where the previous titles facilitated you to be your authentic Natural Self, Bartholomeus’s latest book focusses on how to apply The Natural Self to your roles in life. Just like The 7 Step Guide for Resilience, and its Kindle counterpart Be Stress Free – 7 Easy Steps for Resilience, expect a powerful simplistic hard-hitting little book full of practical tools and tips. Waves of Change – How to Unleash the Power of The Natural Self is less of a ‘workshop in a book like the previous titles, and more of a ‘How to Authentically Design your Life’ application. It takes The Natural Self and relates this to other people, what drives human behaviour, why people follow your leadership, understanding the value of other people’s perceptions, how to solve problems, insights in love and relationships, how to have  positive mind wandering, how to get out of your own way, and how to feel great when the day starts and finishes.

The 7 Step Guide for Resilience (paperback)paperback

This ‘workshop in a book’ teaches you how to be your natural authentic self. It also features a compatibility relationship model which enables you to adapt your behaviour to maximise results from dealing with other people. In this book Bartholomeus Nicolaas Engelbertus explains the difference in what causes stress and why it is relevant to know the difference. You then enter the workshop module of the book in which you undertake a journey to your natural self. After this you learn how to turn negative emotions into positive experiences, and read about how to sustain your resilience.

How to be Stress-Free – 7 Easy Steps for Resilience (Kindle)7EasyStep4KindleOrange

This is the Kindle version of The 7 Step Guide for Resilience. 

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My personal growth story starts at the time I nearly died. I was surfing the epic waves of Hawaii when I wiped out on a very large wave. I was held underwater by an onslaught of waves until sheer panic changed into surrendering to death. In the deep blue serenity, I was floating in bliss while I ‘watched’ my happy life moments slideshow, . . . then it went dark. Being in this state I was outside time and outside life. I was still ‘me,’ however, not like before. When I came back in my body I was floating on my board in the safety of the lagoon. Unexplainable as that is; it remains unimportant. However, experiencing being aware, conscious, and present, but not alive or in my body was a significant experience that made me wonder ‘who am I,’ really.

“Because discontentedness, stress, and limitation, emerges when we are doing things in a way that is out of sync with our natural self.  We can all achieve great things if only we would allow ourselves to do it, . . . our way. . . “.

Ride the Waves of Change, . . . Your Way




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